Precision Surface Grinding Machine

CNC EDM Machine with Robot


CNC EDM Machine

High precision EDM machines for cavity machining with best quality and performance.

CNC Machining Center

We enhance our EDM process by precision electrodes made by CNC High Speed machining center.

Vertical Machine Center

CNC Milling Machine

CNC Wire-cut Machine

CNC Jig Grinding Machine

The top of the line Swiss made CNC Jig Grinding machines are used to grind E-pin holes to ensure the molded packages are ejected smoothly, and to ensure the best tool life.

Swiss made 5-axes CNC Jig Grinding Machines

Our Quality Control & Inspection

We employ the relevant techniques to determine and verify package quality and ensure that the quality of mold is as per our Customer specifications.

Nikon Toolmakers’ Measure-Scope
Tokyo Sumitsu Surface Roughness Tester

Mold Assembly